Nothing’s gonna stay forever



It’s always hard to write about her. Someone who win a half of my heart. It’s always hard to think about her. It seem so easy to let the feeling go. When she’s around me no more, when her voice is disappear.

Some people say You can easily let someone go out of your life when she’s apart. But then I think, DO THEY FEEL THE EMPTINESS WHEN SHE’S LIKE A HEROINE FOR 7 YEARS?

Some people come, some others go.. Nothing’s gonna stay forever.

Letting go is the best way, somehow. Put every single tear and laugh for this 7 years in a place called MEMORIES.

Time to moving out and away. Leaving everthing behind. A paper of my note book when I was at elementry school tell me if experience is the best teacher. Yup, make it an experience. Don’t judge it as disaster. Because Mario Teguh said “Siapa yang menganggap masa lalu sebagai bencana, maka dia akan hidup di masa depan sebagai pengungsi”. Okay, noted Mr. Mario!


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